about us

Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC is composed of a group of highly experienced and seasoned, certified, financial professionals. With our knowledge and expertise, we can  find a solution for all your commercial financing needs. Unlike a bank, or local lending institution, which only lend to the most credit-worthy businesses, Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC, with its relationships with national lenders, has a goal to find you the financing you need.

Why Choose Us?


Our management team has combined Lending, Real-Estate Development, Acquisitions, Sales and Marketing experience of over 35 years. Because of this, we truly understand all sides of the table. We feel it is important to help our clients communicate their needs and get the deal closed quickly and resume business.  Our extensive experience with just about every type of commercial financing request, as well as some very creative combinations of financing methods allows us to close a higher percentage of deals.  The experience and ability to package the loan correctly presents your loan to the appropriate lender, saving valuable time and money, for you the borrower.


Our team strongly believes in being honest with both you the borrower, and the lender.  There is always full disclosure on both sides so there are no surprises around the corner.  We will let you know up front if we think the finance request is going to be easy or difficult, based on the situation, collateral, and time frame the funds are needed.  We will always keep you in “the loop” as far as the status of your loan, and are available after hours and weekends to get your loan expedited.


Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capitol  had a broad range of lenders for the various programs we have in our portfolio, and we have successful track records with these lenders.  Therefore, they know if a loan is presented by us, it meets their criteria, and the information is complete.  The lenders in our network range from government funding, private investors, collateral lenders, as well as a few that “outside the box” for those hard to place loans.


We work with several business partners to help with your financing requests if needed.

The Values Group, one of the most prestigious Business Plan companies nationwide.   The Values Group, operated by Larry Fox.  His dynamic plans have helped many businesses achieve their financing goals.  Please visit Larry and his staff at www.valuesgroupllc.com.  Contact them today to get started on your plan, or to schedule a review of your current Business Plan.